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What is EMDR? Why EMDRremote.com? Why should I use a virtual lightbar? How are therapists trained in EMDR? How to get trained EMDR? Does virtual EMDR work? What is reprocessing? Why our BLS tool is preferred by many EMDR therapists How to choose the right video service How to use an external video service with EMDRremote.com About EMDRremote.com EMDRremote.com HIPAA Compliance
April 21st 2020 June 10th 2020
EMDRremote Launch
Webinar - April 21st 2020 | EMDRremote.com

Webinar - April 21st 2020

If the video is blurry, please click on the "Cog" looking icon in the bottom right corner of the video and set the quality to 720p!