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April 21st 2020 June 10th 2020
EMDRremote Launch
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Future Updates
  • "Blinking" light option - this will make it so that the client does not see the lightbar scroll across the screen, but merely "blink" at each end
  • Timer Option - you will be able to specify how long you want the lightbar to run for before it stops automatically
  • Lightbar Presets - specify shape, speed, color, etc in multiple set configurations that you can easily switch between
  • Feature to allow clients to find therapists
  • Continue to improve the service based on feedback from therapists
Thursday May 21st 2020
  • We've added a new step by step process for setting up your Teletherapy Provider!
    Now, when you log in and your setup is not complete, we will walk you through the process step by step!
Saturday May 9th 2020
  • Added a "minimize" button for therapists so that they can hide the lightbar and other information to increase the size of the video session
  • We now allow therapists to invite their clients through our system regardless of which video service they are using
  • Performance improvements to the lightbar when using resource intensive video sessions
  • Customers can now sign up for our free trial without entering their credit card first
  • New look for the homepage!
Saturday April 25th 2020
  • Added the new EMDRremote Video Service
    • No 3rd party software required
    • Clients join your waiting room and you control when to start the session, just like an in-person waiting room
    • Ability to invite clients via email
    • Secure, private meeting rooms where only therapist and client allowed in to the session for safety and security. "Zoom-bombing" is not possible.
    • HIPAA compliant
  • Added option to choose "External Video Service" as an official option to make it easier to "BYOS" (bring your own service)
  • Redesign of the therapist options to allow the therapist to see more of the screen and their client at all times.
  • Added ability to turn the light blur effect on and off.
  • Lots of bug fixes and polish to make the system even easier to use!
Wednesday April 12th 2020
  • Added language translation powered by Google Translate.
  • Added many more sounds for bilateral audio.
  • Added option to turn off Doxy.me for those wanting to use their own Telehealth Video Provider.
Wednesday April 5th 2020
Due to overwhelming demand, we had to upgrade our server to handle the unexpected amount of signups for our service!
Wednesday March 29th 2020
EMDRremote.com launched!