Train 2 to 5000+ EMDR Therapists With Our Virtual Training Seminars Platform


We at EMDR Remote would like to thank Maria Lehnung and Arne Hofmann for their significant contributions to EMDR Remote’s training program.

INTRODUCING: EMDR Remote’s FREE Virtual Training Platform For EMDR Trainers!

But first, just 4 questions for you…

  1. Have you been having a hard time training your EMDR clinicians during these uncertain times?
  2. Would you like a free platform to provide online training?
  3. Would you like to be able to go back and forth from large groups to small “breakout”/practicum groups with ease?
  4. Would you like your assistants to be able to provide face-to-face help with “breakout” groups?

If your answer is yes to ANY of these, then we’d like to invite you to check out our “Virtual Training Seminar Platform”.

Watch This Short Video Demo To See How You Can Train 2-5000+ Therapists With Our Exclusive Training Platform

Since COVID started, many EMDR training facilities have had to stop training because historically training is done in-person.  Institutions have pieced together training through different platforms to make it work, but we want EMDR clinicians to get the FULL benefits of pre-COVID training. 

At EMDR Remote, we are offering this exclusive training program that your institution can use at no cost to you

Some of these features include: 

  • Train an unlimited number of EMDR clinicians at one time.
  • Large training room for a speaker to train a large group.
  • Small “breakout” rooms with EMDR BLS tools ready for practicum.
  • Medium discussion groups for assistants and trainers to meet with multiple “breakout” groups face to face to answer questions.
  • Trainees can switch from “therapist”, “client” or observer” while in “breakout”/practicum groups.
  • Trainees can go back and forth between large group training and practicum with a click of a button.
  • Trainers can assign an unlimited number of assistants who have access to all breakout groups to provide face to face help.
  • Trainers & Assistants can go from one group to another seamlessly to offer live help.
  • Custom group selection or automated group assignments for “breakout” groups.
  • Option to lock certain breakout/practicum groups before automatically assigning groups for attendees who want/need to be in a group together.
  • Group chat always on screen and available for questions that come up at any point during larger training or small “breakout” groups.
  • Email invitations for all attendees with all the information they need to start.
  • Assistant setup and moderation functionality.
  • Free access to our online EMDR visual and audio BLS toolbar while your trainees are in your training program.
  • Save on typical in-person training costs (no more paying for a training site or paying for your consultants / assistants to travel to the training).

Feedback From Trainers

“I didn’t expect that doing trainings online would actually be BETTER than in person, especially for small group practicum. The trainees seem more comfortable in their own home and not distracted because they can focus on their own therapy sessions and they don’t hear the therapy sessions that would be taking place all around them in an in-person training.”

“When I was learning Zoom, I accidently kicked everyone out from my group WHILE THEY WERE IN PRACTICUM, there was no one at Zoom to contact.  At EMDR Remote, they were on-call for the first day of my training so that if I had questions, I could communicate directly with them.  Knowing they were RIGHT THERE took the anxiety out of figuring out this technology by myself. I felt like I had a team behind me. Plus, on EMDR Remote’s training platform, even if I accidently end the training, the trainees will NEVER get kicked from their practicum. What a relief!”   

“My trainees told me that they were able to look at their notes while the lightbar was running and their client was focused on the lightbar so that when the lightbar stopped, they were prepared to fully listen to whatever their client was noticing during reprocessing and that they felt more present with their client.”

“I like that my trainees get to use EMDR Remote for free with their clients in between Part 1 and Part 2 trainings so that when they are done, they feel completely ready to hit the ground running with clients.”

**These notes are from actual trainers who use EMDR Remote’s training platform.  If you have used our platform and have feedback (good and bad), we would love to hear from you!!

Do You Want To Learn More About Our Training Platform?

Please send us an email to [email protected] with the answers to these questions:

1. Name of training facility.

2. How many EMDR clinicians do you train each year?

3. How many EMDR clinicians do you train (on average) in each training session?

4. What days and times are best to contact you?

5. What country is your training facility located in? 

**You must be a certified/approved trainer in EMDR to use our training platform.