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April 21st 2020 June 10th 2020
EMDRremote Launch
Why EMDRremote.com? | EMDRremote.com

Why EMDRremote.com and not another virtual EMDR site?

We use the tool, we are the tool. This EMDR lightbar and audio bilateral stimulation “tool” was developed by a trained EMDR therapist with the help of her brother-in-law, who happens to be a programming tech. The first week this tool was online we took all of the suggestion’s therapists had and incorporated them into the best “fantasy tool” that we could. It has all of the suggestions that we could realistically install in a program. By the way, we are still taking suggestions because we are wanting this to be the best, most effective tool possible so that there are no barriers to your client getting access to one of the most effective tools in the therapist tool box.