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The client can't see the lightbar.

When using Doxy.me, please make sure to watch our tutorials first. They will show both you and your client everything you need to do to have a successful session. Please do not send them a link via Doxy.me. Please tell them to go to EMDRremote.com and click "Client", search for your name and then click on it. Make sure you and the client are both on EMDRremote.com and not on doxy.me.

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Bilateral audio is not working on my tablet or phone.

Using EMDRremote’s video service: Bilateral audio does work on PC/Mac, Android tablets and Android phones. Due to how iOS works, bilateral audio is not possible.

Using Doxy’s video service: Tablet and phone operating systems do not play nice when it comes to audio while using Doxy. The video chat wants to "control" the audio on tablets and phones. What this means is that when you sign in to your video chat and allow access to the microphone and camera, the video provider takes over the audio of the system and doesn't let the BLS from emdrremote.com to play properly. Once that happens, when we try to play bilateral sounds, we are no longer able to do so as we are not in control of how sounds play.

The takeaway from this is that if you would like to use bilateral audio with your client, you either need to be using EMDRremote’s video service -or- the client has to be using their computer and not a tablet or phone. The lightbar works on any system, but to hear audio (while using Doxy) with the bilateral audio, the client has to be on a computer.

Does your site offer a BAA for HIPAA compliance?

If you use EMDRremote’s BLS lightbar and audio and choose Doxy.me as your teletherapy video service, it is HIPAA compliant and Doxy.me will provide you with a BAA.

If you use EMDRremote’s BLS lightbar and audio and choose EMDRremote’s Video Service as your teletherapy video service, it is HIPAA compliant in that it meets the “conduit exception”.
According to the HHS.gov (re: BAA not needed when teletherapy meets conduit exception):

A conduit transports information but does not access it other than on a random or infrequent basis as necessary for the performance of the transportation service or as required by law. Since no disclosure is intended by the covered entity, and the probability of exposure of any particular protected health information to a conduit is very small, a conduit is not a business associate of the covered entity.

In terms of teletherapy, the solution and security architecture must comply with the certain standards, implementation specifications and requirements with respect to electronic PHI of a covered entity. The general requirements of HIPAA Security Standards state that covered entities must:
  1. Ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all electronic PHI the covered entity creates, receives, maintains, or transmits.
  2. Protect against any reasonably anticipated threats or hazards to the security or integrity of such information.
  3. Protect against any reasonably anticipated uses or disclosures of such information that are not permitted or required under the privacy regulations.
  4. Ensure compliance by its workforce.
Please read our blog on this topic for more information: EMDRremote.com & HIPAA Compliance

Can I use your lightbar/audio and not use doxy.me? Why did you choose doxy.me?

Yes, our lightbar & audio BLS toolbar works with all video services! However, our “EMDRremote Video Service” and Doxy.me are the only video services that are able to be embedded directly inside our program. Please watch our “How To” video tutorial on using other video services “side by side” with EMDRremote:

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My client doesn’t have a screen that is more than 6 inches, can I use EMDRremote.com for just the audio?

You can still go through the same process and have the client use their phone so that you can see them and they can see you. You can also turn the lightbar to be black, the same color as the background, to make it invisible. You will be able to see them and they will still be able to hear you.

EMDRremote.com Tutorials

Can I do group sessions on EMDRremote.com?

You can use our BLS tool if you believe a group EMDR session is clinically safe and appropriate for a group.

You have two options:
  1. You can use Doxy.me and allow two people in from the waiting room to join the call. It is exactly like you join with one client, but you will see the second client in the waiting room and you can add them.
  2. You could use our tool as a “standalone” tool and use a different video service other than Doxy.me. You basically sign in, change your settings to “external video service” and have as many clients as you want to log in as clients. This is a video tutorial of how to use our tool “side by side’ with another video service: Using EMDRremote without Doxy.me
Why can't I have a group on your video service?
Our video service is HIPAA compliant because we qualify under the “conduit exception” because our video service is peer-to-peer (P2P) and is not routed through our servers. With groups, since a third person would need to enter the connection, your data would have to be routed through our servers as P2P is no longer an option. To make sure we would continue to be HIPAA compliant, there are additional steps we legally would need to take to ensure we are fully adhering to HIPAA standards which takes a lot of time. So for now, we are just offering one-to-one teletherapy.

Do I have to download an app? What browser should I use?

Any browser (other than Safari) should work and there are no apps to download. That was one of our main hopes was to create a tool that no one had to download. Before EMDRremote.com got started, I had been using doxy.me to connect with clients because I didn't want clients to have to download anything because when you download an app, then that app has your personal information. They just go to the website, put in their first name without having to give any personal information and then we are connected.

Is doxy.me PHIPA compliant (for Canadian users)?

According to doxy.me, they are PHIPA compliant.