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The ultimate dream tool for BSP and EMDR therapists working remotely and ideal for Brainspotting therapists.
Securely connect with your clients without the logistic hassles of heading to the office and meeting in-person. With EMDR Remote v2.0, serve your clients remotely using our reliable Built-In HIPAA Compliant Video Service and proprietary Light-Bar Technology.

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Securely connect with your clients without the logistic hassles of heading to the office and meeting in-person. With EMDR Remote v2.0, serve your clients remotely using our reliable Built-In HIPAA Compliant Video Service and proprietary Light-Bar Technology.

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What is BSP?

BSP is a type of therapy where a certified or licensed therapist helps their client identify points in their vision (while the therapist guides the client to look from left to right) where emotions are stronger when talking about a particular issue.  Then the therapist has the client think of the issue while looking at the point(s) that elicits the most emotion.  This type of therapy has shown to help many clients who are dealing with anxiety, PTSD, depression, and other types of mental health struggles.  Many therapists believe that this type of therapy “speeds up” the therapy process when dealing with certain issues because it is identifying a specific point in the brain where these issues are directly held.  Although “BSP” is an acronym for many different ways of saying the same type of therapy, we call it “Bilateral Stimulation Point” Therapy. 


BSP Remote In A Nutshell

Sign In

Hop into your private, virtual BSP Remote office and set the mood (to match each client’s needs) with ease. Change settings on the fly so your clients can relax and focus on their internal work.

Invite Client

Invite your clients and see them as they enter your virtual waiting room (your invite link never changes). And when you’re ready…

Start Your Session

With the user friendly interface, you can be up and running within a few short clicks even if you aren’t the most tech savvy therapist!

Why BSP Remote?

Things are changing fast. And working with clients remotely is quickly becoming a necessity. Whether you use BSP Remote in your office or with clients remotely, here are five reasons we believe you’ll love using BSP Remote…


As The Therapist, You Have Full Control Over Every Setting And Every BSP Point.

We’ve designed BSP Remote to be easy to use and behave exactly the way you want it to so that your clients can relax and focus on being clients and you can keep your focus on your client instead of making sure your pointer is in the exact same position throughout your session.

You have all the control when it comes to the point(s) at which you want your clients to focus their attention.  Whether you want to add/remove one or more points, change colors of one or more of the points, change the size, change bilateral music, volume of music, and much much more…we’ve got you covered! You have full control over what your client sees and hears on their screen as well as when they see or hear it!


Don’t Let Distance Get In The Way Ever Again

How many times have you lost a client who moved a few hours away and you had to refer them out to a new therapist and they feel like they have to start all over again in therapy? Plus, how many times have you had a client cancel because of car issues, not being able to find a babysitter, having a little cold, or any reason not being able to physically make it in time for the appointment?

With BSP Remote, there’s no need to disrupt therapy as long as you and your client have access to the internet. We’ve made sure our tool is safe, secure and HIPPA compliant!


Never Worry About losing your BSP pointer again!

We have heard many therapists talk about losing their pointer and then having to stop BSP for the day when they might be able to get their extra pointer that they keep at home. 

With EMDR Remote, not only can you access our proprietary BSP technology anywhere you can access the internet, but we’re constantly updating and adding new features to make sure you’re always at the leading edge of BSP and Telehealth technology.


Your Ideas And Feedback Are Always Welcomed!

Before BSP Remote, there was no such thing as an online BSP tool that allowed the therapist to control the BSP point(s), change the features of the points, and see/hear the client at the same time!  BSP Remote is the leading (and only) online BSP solution you will find not only because it was designed by a BSP therapist for BSP therapists and their clients, but also because we listen to your ideas and continue to upgrade as we evolve together as a community.


World Class Customer Support!

Our mission is to make BSP Remote the BSP therapist’s dream tool as we continue to add features and options based on the feedback of our users. To us, BSP Remote is not just a valuable tool, we’re also a community who love to watch each other grow.

Maybe it’s all of the years being trained to listen that has gotten us to this point, but we always pay attention to what our users want so we can help you serve as many clients as possible even when circumstances prevent you from meeting clients face to face.

9 Features Therapists Love About BSP Remote…

Focus On Your Client, Not Your Pointer

One thing many therapists dislike about doing BSP with clients is having to focus on their client AND the BSP point at the same time.  BSP remote allows you to set the point and then solely focus on the client so you aren’t having to split your attention between keeping the pointer steady and focusing on your client.

7 BSP Music Options

Prior to BSP remote, you would have to ask your client to preload music from a music app prior to session. Now your clients do not have that responsibility because you can choose from internal BSP music options “on the spot” (pun intended).

Confidential Video Chat

Use our embedded HIPAA compliant video service (or a video service of your choice)- so that the therapist can see and hear the client at all times during the session.

Works On Any Device

EMDR Remote works on ALL DEVICES including iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android devices, Linux, and Windows! 


Full EMDR toolbar for therapists who are trained in EMDR. Ability to change lightbar speed, color, shape, direction, bilateral tones, and more!

Client Invite

Send your clients a secure, dedicated and reusable invite link that guides them into your virtual waiting room in just a few clicks (same link for all clients and for all sessions)

Video Fading

The client can hear the therapist at all times, but the therapist can choose whether the client sees the therapist’s video when focusing on the BSP points. The therapist’s video can stay on (so the client sees the therapist the entire time) or the video can be set so the therapist will come right back on when the point(s) are removed. 

Premium Customer Support

We’re 100% committed to creating (and refining) the ultimate BSP dream tool! Just let us know how we can support you and our tech and customer support team will get right on it!

Continuous Updates

Our tech team is constantly dreaming up new ways to make your sessions easier and more effective. Whether it’s functionality, tutorials or features, we are constantly updating and upgrading to provide the best experience for you and your clients!

What Our Users Are Saying

  • (BSP Remote just launched.  As we get feedback, we will post it here. 
  • In the meantime, check out what therapists are saying about EMDR Remote)…


EMDR remote has a simple and intuitive design that is easy to use and provides me a way to continue doing EMDR sessions over the web. With Doxy integration it makes getting it to clients easy. On top of all that the low cost for a yearly subscription makes it a great choice for the budget conscious therapist.

Kai Chiu


This has been essential since lockdown started. It’s nice to be able to continue EMDR from home. It’s super affordable. The controls are simple and the overlay with the Doxy.me site is very helpful. It’s also just really easy to use. I’ve also found it very easy to teach clients how to log on. It’s very intuitive so I don’t have to remind them how to use it every session. I appreciate the design, too. Aesthetically, it feels very professional with a fun sort of retro-vibe!

Jose Gaspar


HEY! I just wanted to take a quick minute and reach out to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for EMDRremote. This tool is a lifesaver, literally. I work with complex trauma survivors and this tool during this time has been so valuable to our work together. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Monica Urbaniak

LMFT-S, Urbaniak Wellness



14-Day Free Trial

All EMDR & BSP Toolbar Features

Built-In HIPAA Compliant Video Service 

Virtual EMDR Back Office w/ Client Waiting Room

Customizable Therapist and Client Interface

Customizable Remote Lightbar

Extensive BLS Auditory and Visual Settings

Dedicated Client Invite Links

BLS Countdown Timer (EMDR)

Background picture behind lightbar (EMDR)

Client Data Never Stored

End-To-End Encryption

Video Tutorials

Facebook Community Support

Premium Teleconferencing Customer Support

Business Associate Agreement (BAA)

Therapist Always Visible Option

Therapist Video Hidden While BLS is Moving Option




Everything in NO BRAINER


BSP Mode

 Be Listed In “Find A Therapist” Directory




Everything in NO BRAINER

(Does Not Include BSP Mode)




Everything in NO BRAINER


BSP Mode

Be Listed In “Find A Therapist” Directory (So New Clients Can Find You)

Personalized Sign-In Page URL (for client and therapist)

Your Business Logo on Client Sign-In Page