EMDR TRAINING: Student Benefits

If you attend an EMDR training with a trainer who partners with EMDR Remote, here are the benefits that you will receive:

  1. Extended Free Trial: Use EMDR Remote for FREE from the first day of your training until 2 weeks after your training ends.
  2. Free unlimited use of visual and audio BLS tools.
  3. Free unlimited use of our embedded (HIPAA compliant) teletherapy platform so that you can practice EMDR while face to face with your clients. 
  4. 20% off of your first year of EMDRremote.com if you choose to continue using our EMDR BLS tools after you are done with your trial (applies to all annual plans).


Our goals in partnering with your trainer:

  1. You will be competitive in our current technological world
  2. You will be competent in utilizing online EMDR tools so that there are no limits in you helping your clients. 
  3. You can remove all limits in you providing effective treatment regardless of if your client prefers the convenience of doing therapy from their home, lives too far from your office, they have difficulty leaving their home due to anxiety/PTSD, or they don’t have transportation. 

How to use your extended free trial:

  1. You will receive an email from your EMDR trainer after you sign up for your class.
  2. Log into your training on the day of your training to learn the EMDR skills you need to use our tool.
  3. After your first day in training, look out for an email from EMDRremote.com with your username (which will be the email you registered for your training with) and your password.
  4. If you don’t receive this email you can either contact us at [email protected] or you can go to EMDRremote.com and click “join my session” and then under “therapist log in”, click “reset pin” and a new pin will be sent to the email you registered with for your training. 
  5. After your training, if you decide to keep your membership with us, you will automatically get 20% off of your first year (annual memberships only) with EMDR Remote.
  6. If you ever have ANY QUESITONS, please reach out to your trainer or email us at [email protected].