Zoom has always been everyone’s virtual therapy platform, virtual teletherapy, virtual health, virtual EMDR, virtual EVERYTHING since the pandemic started.  Therapists who transitioned to online therapy for virtual EMDR during the pandemic have been hesitant to reach out of their comfort zone to go to another platform. But what about online EMDR therapists who provide virtual EMDR online to clients? They were stuck learning completely new, non-zoom EMDR virtual therapy platforms. 

At EMDRremote.com, we pride ourselves on being the dream tool for EMDR therapists and their clients. One of the ways we do this is that we listen to our subscribers. One of the things we were asked over and over is: “Can I use Zoom to do EMDR online therapy?” and “Are there any lightbar therapy programs on Zoom?”

Because of requests from our online EMDR therapists at EMDR Remote, Zoom is now fully integrated into EMDR Remote as a Teletherapy option. This means our Zoom users no longer need to use “side by side” to use Zoom while doing EMDR by opening up two browsers (one for teletherapy and one for the bilateral lightbar). You can use Zoom’s free account or your current paid Zoom account in our system.

Once you have a Zoom account (which most online EMDR therapists already have) and an EMDR Remote account, it takes less than 2 minutes to link the two accounts so that you can use our virtual lightbar with your current Zoom account.

If you follow the steps and you aren’t able to figure it out, email us at [email protected] and we will help you set it up.

Does this mean I get Zoom free as an EMDR Remote subscriber?
No, we simply allow you to use your Zoom account on EMDR Remote. This can be a free or paid version of Zoom. You are still able to use EMDR Remote’s free teletherapy platform and/or Doxy’s free or paid platform, which are both fully integrated into our virtual EMDR lightbar. This just gives you more options.

So if you are looking for options to provide you with the most reliable virtual EMDR experience with your clients, try our free two week trial to see what reliable online EMDR looks like