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April 21st 2020 June 10th 2020
EMDRremote Launch
EMDRremote Launch Email | EMDRremote.com

EMDRremote Launch Email

Thank you for joining EMDRremote.com!

EMDRremote started off as a dream to be able to help EMDR therapists access their most effective tool remotely in a time of such high anxiety and chaos in the world when therapists need this tool the most.

We were humbled by how many people signed up. The server we were originally using was overwhelmed by the amount of traffic (people using the site) and so our EMDR tool started to have problems for users. At that point, we decided that we needed to move to a bigger and better server that could handle the increase in traffic. It was really important to us that while a therapist was providing EMDR therapy to a client, that our system wasn't glitchy. We have received incredible positive feedback about how this is helping people and we would like to continue helping people with this service.

This email includes info on:

  • All known issues have been fixed
  • $60 annual subscription fee starting May 1, 2020
  • Email Frequency from EMDRremote.com
  • Do you want referrals from us?
  • Other video programs (other than Doxy)
  • Bilateral Audio Updates


All known issues have been fixed

We were humbly overwhelmed by the demand for our BLS tool and our systems were not prepared for the traffic so glitches started happening to people. Now that we have upgraded our servers, everything has been working great since our upgrade.

As a therapist, I know there will still be a % of user error, and we are happy to walk you through that process (please email us at [email protected]). We will be doing a webinar on Tuesday April 21st at 4pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) to assist anyone who was having problems. You can watch the webinar by visiting our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/emdrremote.  We will have a recording of the webinar on our website for anyone who misses it. If you know you will miss the webinar and you have a question, feel free to email us before at [email protected] with the subject line “Webinar”.

Annual Subscription

Starting May 1, 2020, we will be moving to a subscription service which will cost $60/year per therapist. If you sign up by June 1, 2020, then you will be grandfathered into this price.

When you are grandfathered in, as long as you don’t cancel your subscription, your base-price (for the audio and lightbar BLS tool) will never increase above $60/year. If we offer “add-ons” and you choose additional services in the future, those will be added to the $60 base price. If you aren’t interested in add-ons, then your price will never change.

Email Frequency from us with updates

We are committed to not sending more than one email per month (we can imagine that you get enough junk email as it is). So, if you would like to check to see how we are improving the site in real time, please CLICK HERE to view “The News”. You can check as often as you want to see what we are up to.

Do you want referrals from us?

If you are interested in getting on our referral list, please select “yes” under the question: “Would you like us to refer clients to you” (the button is right under the “enable bilateral audio” on the “more options” part of the screen). Once we get this part of the site running, we will be asking you for information to give clients, such as: region/area you want to accept clients from, price, etc.

Other video programs (other than Doxy)

If you aren’t a fan of Doxy and you would like to use your favorite program “side by side” with our tool, CLICK HERE to watch a tutorial on how to use EMDRremote.com as a standalone tool.

We are aware that many of the different teletherapy options (including Doxy, Zoom and Skype)  all have had technical issues recently due to the high amount of traffic they are receiving. Although many of you use EMDRremote as a standalone tool (without linking Doxy), we want you to have the most reliable options possible.  We are aggressively looking into different options at this time, including the possible option of creating our own HIPAA compliant video service. Please send us your favorite teletherapy program and we can check to see if it allows us to integrate into our system.

We have tried the following teletherapy options and unfortunately, these programs are not compatible with our tool: VTCONNECT, MW telemedicine, Adracare, VSEE, theranest, and Cliniko.

Bilateral Audio Updates

We have gotten a lot of emails from therapists who have two offices and don’t want to lug their lightbar back and forth. At your request, we are adding more sounds for the “installation phase” of EMDR so that using our program remotely or face to face (in person) with your client can be even better than your physical devices that you have in your office. So you will have “reprocessing” sounds and “installation” sounds to choose from. The “installation sounds” will be softer and work well on slower BLS. You can use any sound for any purpose, but they will be separated on the drop down menu by the type of sound for the ease of use.

Bilateral audio only works on a computer (lightbar works on any device)

Since tablets and phones do not allow sounds from multiple sources, the audio BLS will not work on a phone/tablet if you have the teletherapy video/audio on. You can do the lightbar, audio and talk to the client (and see the client) all at once if your client is on a computer. The lightbar will work on any device (computer, phone, tablet, etc) so that you can see and hear your client the entire session while using the lightbar.


Thank you so much for being a part of the healing community and for your suggestions to make this the perfect tool for EMDR therapy.

For our full list of frequently asked questions: FAQ 

Here are video tutorials that walk you through the most common problems people have: Video Tutorials


Thank you again for joining us and we hope our tool helps both you and your clients get the support you need!