Before you go for the EMDR treatment, you should know some basics of EMDR practitioners near me which can help you to understand this better.  You can also Learn EMDR Online to gain some knowledge. This treatment changes maladaptive neural networks by attaching the traumatic memory with new information. The discomfort thoughts and emotions are mixed with new positive thoughts and emotions.

How does EMDR therapy work?

EMDR therapy can help a person to recover from any kind of mental issue by re-activating the neural networks associated with traumatic events. The initial phases of EMDR therapy focus on resource development to strengthen the neural networks associated with positive sensations. The EMDR treatment process helps you to increase tolerance for the traumatic memories during the desensitization phase of therapy.

The Desensitization Phase integrates the dual awareness state, in which you maintain awareness of your present moments while simultaneously recalling memories of past traumatic events. DAS (Dual Attention Stimulation) is used during this process in the form of bilateral eye movements that alternate between the left and right side of the body.

EMDR Therapy successfully reduces the vividness and emotional intensity associated with bad memories. Now, most people prefer this therapy to get effective results. By searching as “EMDR practitioners near me”, you will find numerous options in your area.