Our brains have an amazing capacity of recovering from traumatic memories. Communication between the amygdala, hippocampus, and prefrontal cortex can help you handle traumatic thoughts.  The  “amygdala” creates an alarm signal during stressful events. The “hippocampus” helps with the learning process, and the “ prefrontal cortex” takes on traumatic thoughts.

EMDR Trauma Therapy helps the brain process these memories and allows normal healing and renewal. The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified EMDR therapy as an “evidence based approach” which means that evidence has shown/proven the effectiveness of EMDR therapy.

Researchers who have found the treatments to be effective have published reports that include data from a number of studies. Recently, therapists working with clients on EMDR at Home has drawn the attention of many people.  Research hasn’t found any drastic changes in Online EMDR and in office EMDR in terms of effectiveness.

During the in person EMDR therapy process, your therapist will move their fingers back and forth while you watch with your eyes.  During online EMDR therapy, your therapist will have you watch an online light move back and forth on your screen and request you follow the motions with your eyes. During these hand movements or online lightbar movements, your therapist will ask you to recall your traumatic events.  You will generally be involved in these session for 45-90 minutes at a time.

The people involved in using this therapy believe EMDR reduces the effect of negative emotions related to a traumatic or anxiety provoking event.  Before and after each EMDR phase, your therapist will ask you to describe the level of discomfort you are experiencing to make sure EMDR is working for you.

EMDR has become the chosen therapy for many people suffering from PTSD.  It’s also used to treat other psychological issues including eating disorders, various addictions, panic attacks, and anxiety. If you are suffering from mental trauma, research shows that you can trust EMDR therapy!

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