Most people suffering from PTSD symptoms will receive benefits from EMDR therapy online. If you have recently gone through trauma (or have been living with the trauma for a long time), you should reach out to a therapist who is trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy for PTSD.  EMDR has shown to be an effective treatment for PTSD according to the World Health Organization. During these EMDR sessions, you will relive traumatic experiences at low levels while a therapist or health professional directs your eye movements.

The Online EMDR Counseling Benefits

One of the best benefits of online EMDR therapy is that you can attend the sessions in the comfort of your home which can give you a soothing experience.  Visiting a therapist’s office can lead to a rise in anxiety for some people.  When you suffer from symptoms of PTSD and other mental conditions, easing the burden of accessibility is very important.

Therapists have different methods to ensure their clients’ safety because trauma processing can be intense.  Online EMDR can pose some challenges, but EMDR Remote uses the latest technology which allows virtual EMDR to remain safe and effective. There are many reasons people prefer online EMDR.  From parking, to traffic, to having to walk into a therapists office, to people who have a problem going to places where the pandemic might still exist and therefore prefer the option of EMDR online.

With EMDR Remote, your therapist can have access to the Light-Bar Technology as well as audio BLS (bilateral stimulation) options. You will get new, advanced features that ensure you are at the cutting edge of EMDR technology. You can read more about different benefits of EMDR counseling here:  Online EMDR Counseling Benefits