The EMDR therapy consists of eight phases that are mentioned below:

  • Phase 1: History-taking
  • Phase 2: Preparing the client
  • Phase 3: Assessing the target memory
  • Phase 4-7: Transforming the memory to an adaptive resolution
  • Phase 8: Assess treatment results

The first several phases are to make sure the EMDR reprocessing phase is as beneficial as possible.  After a several sessions of EMDR reprocessing, the client will generally experience less mental discomfort in response to different traumas and anxieties.  According to various studies, EMDR has shown to be very effective for PTSD compared to when the eye movement segment is excluded from the treatment.  You should contact an EMDR Remote therapist because they are trained and experienced professionals that use the latest tools and techniques to help you get to your goals.  One of the ways to find an EMDR therapist is by going to

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