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Why does my video get disconnected when I try to join a client?

If you are using EMDR Remote’s video service:

In some situations when a client is using a work computer, their IT department has secured/locked their computer so that video and/or audio is not allowed.   Most programs that require video access may be blocked.  Programs such as zoom, doxy, simple practice, and EMDR Remote may be blocked by the IT department at your client’s work.

How to solve?

(1) Have your client try a different browser (chrome, safari, firefox, edge, etc).

(2) Ask your client if they are using a work computer and if so, have their IT department “unlock” one of their browsers so that the client can use that specific browser with EMDR Remote.

If you are using Doxy’s video service:

As most of us know, Doxy has issues from time to time with video and audio.   If you are having issues connecting and you are using Doxy:

How to solve?

(1) Have your client switch browsers (and you should try a different browser also).  This trick works when you are using Doxy within EMDR Remote as well as if you are using Doxy without EMDR Remote.

(2) Try switching to EMDR Remote’s FREE HIPAA compliant video service.  If Doxy’s servers are down, we are not able to help you fix Doxy until Doxy recognizes the issue on their end and they fix the problem within their system.