The reason I originally thought of creating is because as a therapist, I couldn’t find another online tool that allowed me to control the lightbar and/or audio AND see the client at the same time. There are BLS tools out there where a client would start/stop the BLS on their own at the direction of the client, but that seemed like something that would take the client completely out of their reprocessing and was unacceptable to me, as a therapist.

Since EMDR is most used on anxiety and PTSD, I was finding that not everyone can travel to a therapist, and not everyone with anxiety/PTSD is willing to leave their house even if they have the means to get to a therapist’s office. solves this problem because now the therapist can work with clients online “where the client is at” instead of telling them we can’t provide services unless they can overcome their anxiety enough to be able to leave their house and get to our office.

One of the other things we discovered while developing this EMDR lightbar is that with any online lightbar, if the therapists is using a bigger screen than the client (for example the therapist is on a computer and the client is on a tablet), then the client’s lightbar has less distance to travel from left to right, and therefore it looks slower on the therapist’s lightbar on the therapist’s screen compared to the clients screen.

If the therapist is using an online lightbar program where the therapist cannot visually monitor their client at all times, then if the lightbar on the client’s screen is going way faster or slower than your screen based on the difference in your screen size versus your clients screen size, then you could be giving them too fast of bilateral stimulation during a resourcing (relaxation) session or you could be giving them too fast of a bilateral stimulation (even in a resourcing session) because it appears that on your screen the lightbar goes too slow therefore when the client is saying the lightbar is too fast, you will have no idea if you are actually going fast enough to have the reprocessing work.