If you are a therapist who works with anxiety, PTSD or depression, you are probably hearing colleagues talking about EMDR.  EMDR is a psychotherapy treatment that helps you in recovering from phobias, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and PTSD. The therapy includes 8 phases and during the therapy sessions, people recall traumatic experiences while moving their eyes back and forth at the direction of the trained therapist. The main aim of this treatment is to allow people to process and integrate the traumatic memories into their standard memories.

While doing the EMDR, the therapists have to take care of many things; without the proper training, a clinician will not be able to help treat the client with effectiveness. EMDR Virtual Training Seminar can help therapists get connected with an online EMDR training facility so they can get training in EMDR so they can provide ethical, research based EMDR therapy to their clients.

EMDR Virtual Training Platform for therapists

 EMDR Remote’s virtual training platform offers amazing benefits for trainers and trainees  which are mentioned below:

  • Can train an unlimited number of EMDR therapists at one time
  • Trainers can assign any number of assistants who have access to all breakout groups for training sessions
  • Email invitations for all attendees with all the information required to start the virtual training
  • Has the option of custom group selection or automated group assignments for “breakout” groups
  • Assistant setup and moderation functionality
  • You can have free access to EMDR Remote’s EMDR audio BLS toolbar while your trainees are in your training program
  • Save on typical in-person training costs
  • You can earn 15-50% lifetime commission on any type of annual subscription that your trainees purchase on EMDRremote.com

If you are a therapist looking for online EMDR training, please reach out to EMDR Remote so that we can share with you a list of trainers.  If you are a trainer looking at having the most advanced EMDR tools at your fingertips while you train therapists, please check out our EMDR online training platform and contact us to sign up.