In many cases, people who suffer from trauma will often experience depression because the two go hand-in-hand. When someone lives with trauma for a long period of time, it is easy to get depressed.  The symptoms of depression include a lack of pleasure from favorite activities, sadness, a loss of energy, weight loss or gain, and thoughts of suicide or death.

There are many people who cannot be treated using conventional treatments or with medications for various reasons.  For depression, EMDR is considered great therapy and highly recommended by therapists.

Can EMDR Therapy For Depression Help You Out?

EMDR is based on various theories of psychotherapy which includes CBT. CBT is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and offers benefits for people who suffer from depression as a result of a traumatic experience. One of the distinguishing factors of EMDR is that when recalling traumatic experiences, your eye movements are active (the therapist will guide you of how to look back and forth at a certain pace). EMDR therapy helps to “rewrite” (so to speak) your brain’s working memory process so your stress will become less powerful in your brain. The goal is that your thoughts will be less traumatic and you will not experience the symptoms of depression at the same level as you were before -or- your symptoms will disappear completely.

To find an EMDR therapist, search online for the nearest location or go to to find an EMDR therapist near you.  For best results, contact an EMDR Remote therapists who use advanced tools online tools which will give you (as the client) the most options for how you want to participate in EMDR therapy. With EMDR Remote therapy, your therapist will have access to the the most up to date and advanced Light-Bar Technology and have features that are updated to ensure you are working with the latest and best technology on the market!