Smooth Lightbar:

One of the things many of our EMDR therapists tell us is that other tools that they used were “jerky” or “bumpy”.  It is important that your client doesn’t get a headache looking at the lightbar.

Embedded Teletherapy:

It is important for you to be able to see and hear your client the entire time they are engaged in EMDR.  Having an online BLS tool that integrates video into the tool makes life much easier so that you can focus on the therapy instead of focusing on toggling between devices.

EMDR REMOTE is a complete ALL-in-one solution. Everything you need is under one easy to use website where you have complete control of the entire session from beginning to end.  No more having to toggle back and forth between a lightbar and your video therapy.  No more having to use two devices so that you can see a client on one device and have them watch the lightbar on another device. No more having to refer an EMDR client out to another therapist when they move (as long as they are still living where your license is valid). 

Sliding vs. Blinking Lightbar:

The sliding lightbar is great for most clients, but if you have had a client in your office and they are used to the “end to end” blinking lightbar where the light blinks from the left, right, left, right (without sliding across), you may want to offer that for them as an online option as well.

Audio Options:

Many lightbar in-office kits only come with one audio tone. When looking for an online EMDR tool, check out if they have different sound options for your client to choose from.  As you know, one sound could calm one client and trigger another client.

Tech Support That Listens:

At EMDRremote, many of our features have been suggested to us by our users.  Our goal is to be the ultimate dream tool for therapists.  If the tech support for an online BLS tool doesn’t listen to you, it might be time to find another online BLS tool.