What video service options do you offer?

EMDR Remote Video Service is HIPAA compliant and the BLS lightbar and BLS audio works on all computers and devices when using our video service, except for ipads and iphones. **We are currently in BETA (testing) for ipads and iphones.The rest of the FAQ on this one is correct

Tips on choosing a video service while using EMDR Remote’s toolbar:

EMDR Remote Video Service is HIPAA compliant and the BLS lightbar and BLS audio work on all devices (currently in beta/testing for iPhones and iPad) when using our video service.

Doxy.me Video Service and BLS lightbar works on all devices. The BLS audio works on all devices other than iPhones and iPads.  If you have ever used Doxy, you will know they sometimes have reliability issues.  If you have issues with Doxy during your session, please try using a different browser or changing your video service to EMDR Remote’s video service.

External Video Services (such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, etc):

Our BLS tool works with any external video service on any device.

** The BLS lightbar works on all devices, however we are still testing our service on iPad and iPhones.  The BLS audio works on PC’s, MAC’s and all android mobile devices.  BLS audio does not work on iPhones and iPads, which is a limitation of Apple’s mobile devices and not a limitation on EMDRremote.com.  Apple limits audio inputs to ONE input.  Therefore, if you are on a video call with your client, the BLS audio will stop working on apple mobile devices because the voice/calling is one input. If you are only using BLS audio and not using a video service, then the BLS audio will work because you are only using one input.   If you want to use BLS audio with your client, please have them use a MAC computer, PC computer or any mobile device other than an apple mobile device.