EMDR Remote offers the latest high-tech tools to make psychotherapy a great deal more effective and easier to use. EMDR is an excellent trauma processing therapy that is preferred by many therapists because many clients recover from various issues quicker with EMDR compared with other therapy techniques.  These issues include PTSD, panic attacks, depression, and anxiety.

EMDR Remote uses the best EMDR tools for therapists to make therapy more effective. Therapists have access to the HIPPA compliant tools, the most up to date Light-Bar Technology, and the complete online BLS toolbox. This toolbox includes visual and auditory BLS, ability to change colors, speeds, and lightbar direction (to name a few). Above all else, EMDR Remote is the leader in online EMDR solutions and is specifically designed for therapists offering trauma processing therapy.

EMDR will continuously add new features and other options based on the feedback received from users.  The techs will find new ways to make your experience with your EMDR Video Session easier and a lot more effective.  Whether it’s dealing with tutorials, features, or its functioning abilities, EMDR Remote continuously updates tools in order to provide the very best experience for clients as well as therapists. EMDR is a therapists’ dream come true.

And best of all…. You Do Not have to be Tech-Savvy for EMDR to work!

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